PFB Liquid Luffa™ 4 oz

PFB Liquid Luffa™ 4 oz


Step 1 – Liquid Luffa™ SCRUB

Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub with Glycolic Acid, & Papaya Fruit Extract, 4oz/113g

Liquid Luffa™ is a finely abrasive biodegradable scrub to remove dead skin cells on the face, hands or body consisting of Palm, Crushed Walnut Powder along with 6% glycolic acid.   Use 3 times a week in the shower to help “lift” ingrown hair.  Liquid Luffa is Eco-friendly and does NOT contain any plastic particles.

Directions: Wet body with tepid water then massage Liquid Luffa™ with hands. Massage for 30 seconds on legs and body then rinse for maximum results. Pat dry and apply Lumen8™ on dark spots.

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